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Introducing the new 2011 nominees for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.

This new book club is under construction and will gradually be ready to use. Please feel free to offer suggestions.
For a look at 2010's Kids Book Club click here

Welcome to the 2011 Texas Bluebonnet Award Book Club
Purpose: This portion of the Kids Book Club wiki has been created for the purpose of introducing students to the Texas Bluebonnet Award nominated books for 2011-2012 and to support learning opportunities through creative Bluebonnet Book activities, videos, and lessons.

Welcome to a new year of our Bluebonnet Book Club. Once again we have a very exciting group of twenty tantalizing tales! Scroll down to see each book. You will also find some videos and fun activities that will help us to connect to each book. (Texas Bluebonnet Award lesson plans and learning activities are here for your teachers too!)
I hope you will enjoy these books as much as Ms. Murphy is enjoying them. We had so much fun enjoying all the great books from past years and this year we will do even more activities because we are starting earlier. So get ready to join the fun...HERE WE GO!

Goal: To read as many of each of the TBA books as possible so that we may vote for our favorite book in January.
Each participant will need to read at least five of the nominated titles to be eligible to participate in Bluebonnet Voting.
After reading one of the TBA books, click on the discussion tab at the top of this page and enter your comments.

click here To view the 2011-2012 Master list of Texas Bluebonnet Award nominated books

Click here to visit the TBA homepage and find useful resources such as Reader's Theater and Read Aloud suggestions.

Mackin Book Talk for 2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Nominees. We love this! Great resources for every book!

Scroll past ECDC Bluebonnet Basics to locate Texas Bluebonnet Book activities.

ECDC Bluebonnet Basics: (applies to ECDC students and partnership schools)

How will my teacher know if I really read the book?

  • Take an Accelerated Reader quiz and show it to your teacher or librarian.
  • Enter a comment under the discussion tab at the top of the page. First make a rough draft of what you would like to comment on and check your spelling. Discuss topics such as- offering a comment about the characters, or discuss the setting, bring up an issue that really made you think, offer an alternate solution to a problem a character faced, share information you discovered when did further research, or so on. Before you post a comment ask yourself if your choice of words are appropriate and do your words reflect what the book is about.
  • Keep a copy of your Bluebonnet map in your library folder for weekly checks by Ms. Murphy. I DO check and I will ask probing questions.
  • Create a BOOK AD such as an audio book talk, book trailer, or Wordle promoting your book.
  • Make a creative book project-ex: "movie type" poster, book box, or collage promoting your book; write a poem or song inspired by your book; create a portrait of, or costume for one of the characters, write a "spin off" story based on the book, etc.
  • Challenge your teacher to read the book to the whole class and reenact the story.
  • Come up with your own clever way to show you have read the book and understood it.

How can I comment on the Bluebonnet books I am reading?

Step 1- Click the discussion tab on the top of this page.
Step 2- Look for the title of the book in the subject column. Click on the link and read what has already been written or "posted" by Ms. Murphy or one of your classmates.
Step 3- Post a "reply" expressing your thoughts and opinion about your book. Ask questions or compare your book to other books you have read. Need help? See Ms. Murphy.
Step 4- What if my book is not listed? Yea! You get to start a discussion by "Posting" a message. In the subject area type in the title of your book. In the message area, give a short summary of the book in a sentence or two. Tell us your thoughts and opinions about the plot of the story or about the characters from the story. Ask questions that someone else might be able to answer or challenge your classmates to read the book. Need help? Ask Ms. Murphy

It will take some time for us to start the discussions. In the mean time, feel free to get started sharing your thoughts on whichever book you have read. Ms. Murphy has already read 18 out of 20 books on the list so you better get cracking too!

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